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Testimonials from our Clients

  • 2/16/2009
    My Name is Harold Field
    Owner / operater of Triple R Trans.

    I have belonged to TRNW, a transmission network, that Tod owns, and have marvelled at his abilities to run the nework, and all the things he does with data and formats etc. I had wanted a web page for a long time and didn't know who to get. Well, The Transmission Rebuilders Network also has a web design company! So they designed a web page for me. I could not be happier with it. They did a great job. All my friends and family that have gone to the site has liked it as well.

    The page is at

    I invite you to go look at it. I am sure Transmission Rebuilders Web Design can take care of your needs.

    Yours Trully
    Harold J. Field

  • The work that Transmission Rebuilders Web Design did on our website has been instrumental to our success. Our business has tripled since our website has been running. The inventory program that they customized especially for us couldn't be better. Tod has always made things look and feel the way we want them to all at a very reasonable price.

    Ted Keating
    TKT Sales

  • Transmission Rebuilders Web Design,

    The shop management software that you designed for me is working perfect! Everyone that has seen and used it are raving about the simplicity of the program. Thank you very much for your help and determination to get it finished.

    Mario Jauregui
    Express Transmissions

  • Out of all of the transmission repair forums that I have been a member of, TRNW has the most traffic, most experienced and knowledgeable members that I have ever seen. I usually get a response or an answer to my problem in less than 15 minutes! The web site is full of ALOT of info and seems to keep getting more every week! Being a shop owner/technician with no other highly experienced techs here, it is nice to have some other folks out there to put minds together to come up with an answer to a problem. My member ship fee has paid for itself in the first month.

    Thanks TRNW!

    Terry Coppedge
    aka tactransman
    TAC Transmissions and Custom Exhaust

  • TRNW is an absolute must have if you work on today's transmissions. Shortly after I joined TRNW, I had a problem with an e4od. I do more of this transmission than any other so I'm very familiar with it, but it was KICKING my butt. After spending allmost 2 weeks trying to figure out what was wrong, I finally posted the problem on TRNW. Within just a few hours, Gary Haslip from 1,400 miles away, told me to ck the tail light bulbs. If they were LED, that was my problem. He was right. I figure the amount of money I lost on that job by not checking with TRNW first, would have paid my dues for 7 years.

    I'd give up my impact and build with a ratchet before I'd give up TRNW.

    Preston Farmer
    Fleet Transmission Inc.

  • I wish to share with everyone my 29 years of rebuilding transmissions. Myself along with the rest of the people like me that have worked all there life fixing transmissions are eager to fix any problems your having. It's a tough trade and getting tougher. Your challenged everyday to fix the customers complaint and make everyone happy along the way. Your service manager, your accountant, you can rely on the help from your investment in TRNW. It gives you practical fixes to your transmission problems and teaches you HOW to fix things that you can share with the rest of us. Please take the time to read the tutorials and make an informed choice between the two good transmission tech services available. I think you will find the volume of messages alone to be your choice as it shows how much info is being shared. With TRNW your future success is a personal goal of the members of TRNW, contribute now. And by the way, welcome to the family!

    Bill Pihl
    29 years builder and member...

  • I currently am an automotive instructor and have been fixing transmissions since 1974. My membership in TRNW allows me to keep current in transmission technology and real world issues with diagnosis and repair. Without working in a shop on a daily basis, it allows me to share knowledge with my students that I would not have access to. All I could teach my students would be the history of transmission repair. Students can do things to a transmission during a repair that would take many hours for me to figure out, but with the fix data base and Tech help by the members, all the problems I have had were fixed in a timely and cost effective manner. TRNW allows you to network your brain power and experience with hundreds of other technicians. I consider TRNW a member of my advisory council, and use the input to help me make decisions on what equipment and tools to purchase as well as all the other technical help. I work in the summer fixing transmissions and whenever I open up a new unit that I have never worked on before the fix database and technical tips are my first reading before I ever turn a bolt. TRNW makes the learning curve on units I have never worked on short and sweet.

  • THANKS to all that responded and helped me through this. What a great service to belong to.

    Bruce McWhirter
    B&M Transmission

  • I fought one (ZF5HP24) for a week with a bind and would burn the B clutch in no time. I tried everything even a different case. It ended up being a TCM . I was able to monitor the duty cycle of the solenoid that was energized to exhaust the b clutch oil. I found that the TCM was not able to fully open the solenoid. I never fully understood why when you look at the oil schematic after second gear the B clutch is never fully exhausted as if the B clutch is Primed until it is applied in 4th . I was monitoring EDS 3 , man I looked back on the post I think that car almost killed me. But it sure was a testimony to how great TRNW is.

    David Vaughan
    Portland, OR.

  • I was a member of TRNi for almost ten years when a division of the founding partners stopped the exchange of information for about three weeks. That three weeks made me appreciate the support I was recieving from my fellow TRNi members on a daily basis. Not only the technical help but the support and comfort that comes from being with "family". I didn't realize how much it meant to be online with so many other folks facing the same problems I was facing day in and day out.

    Many of the people that are most important to me are subscribed to TRNW. I decided to subscribe to TRNW after learning that all the archived information that was contriubuted by all those hard working members is available on the new TRNW site. The fix database has thousands of problems and solutions from members all over the world in a searchable database. Where else can you find so much information at your fingertips for less then $.30 a day?

    As a shop owner I can't think of any other single resource that gives me cutting edge tech and management support that is available on TRNW twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. People that set the example in our industry. People that care about the industry.

    If you had to choose only one online forum, the choice for me can only be TRNW. Transmission people helping transmission people worldwide.

    Kit Lindsay
    Lindsay Transmission

  • You mechanics know how great it is to have a buddy at a dealership or specialty shop to run a problem by for his ideas. How about a thousand plus transmission guys (& gals) worldwide you can ask for ideas and help from? There's an unlimited amount of information available out there. Members spend time helping to diagnose your problem, wether it be a trans acting up, employee relations, shop management, parts locating, or just jokes. Just ask a question and see the help you get on TRNW!
    Joe Shilling
    Wilmington, DE

  • We are Northern Irelands only long established Automatic Transmission shop and Garage Repair service and originally found TRNI but left when the division happened and joined Tod at what has now become TRNW and wouldn't or couldn't be without it on a daily basis.We due to where we are located work 99% on European Transmissions and the info is building up on these in the fix database so you will never be without help no matter where in the world the trans is made and have made a lot of very important friends on this site.Try it and you will never leave it again.

    Mervyn Witherow
    Burnside Transmissions

  • Great Idea It's About time someone tried to get us working together.

  • I've been in the transmission Industry for over 30 years. During this time, I have been a member of most every technical service known. In 1998, I joined what is now known as TRNW. Little did I know at that time that TRNW was to become my most valuable technical tool, as well as one of the best investments I've ever made. TRNW literally saved my life!

    In 2006, I had to have an emergency liver transplant, and without the love and constant prayers from this fine group of individuals, I would'nt be here today. TRNW was invaluable to me during my recouperation because it kept me up to date with what was happening in our industry.I could'nt attend the regional technical seminars because of physical limitations, but TRNW was right at my fingertips, keeping me aware of the problems and fixes that were coming into our shops! I plan to reopen in 2008, and that would not be possible without the love and support of this great group of Technicians that make up TRNW.
    Joey Campbell
    Proud Member of TRNW
    Campbell's Transmission Service
    Ridgeway, VA

  • I'm semi retired, but wish to remain involved with this fine group of folks. I have appreciated the past & look forward to the future.
    Don Emory
    Don's Transmission
    Shirleysburg, PA.

  • Hi Tod, it took me a long time to find you. I finally was able to contact Larry B. to find out what went down, and he was kind enough to give me your web site. I'm glad we are back in business. I was a TRNi member forever and i will be a TRNW member forever.
    Thanks, Al Ritchey
    Muskego, WI.

  • This site is so great I quit ATSG.
    Armand Gress
    West homestead, PA

  • Best damned transmission specialist forum on the web!
    Larry Bloodworth
    West Jordan, Utah

  • Thank you TRNW for providing an avenue for us transmission techs to communicate
    Dan Tucker
    Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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